Sun Salutations, Tree Pose: Peace and Quiet

25 Jul

Sun Salutations, Tree Pose-Peace and Quiet

Congratulations! You have this diploma now, allegedly. You have made it through finals and all of your family coming to town for Graduation.  Also, let’s not forget that intensely long car ride back to the place you call your permanent residence; since over the past four years the term home meant school. Hopefully you packed a drug of your choice, preferably a legal one, to help with the headache that comes from traveling with family. Personally, I prefer Tylenol to prevent the migraine that comes from everyone’s bickering, back seat driving, opinions on the radio station, ridiculously high gas prices and everyone’s inability to hold their bladder. Now that you are home many people make the following mistake.

“Home from College! Officially a College Grad! #alumni #classof2013”

That’s right updating your social media statuses with your location. Now some of you may not understand what the issue is. And that’s okay. Remember, we said we were going to trust each other. Do we need another trust fall? My nails are not done today so I am very willing to catch you. No? Okay, well then just trust me. Status updates are a big mistake. You’ll understand why shortly. If you update your status letting the world know that you are back in town. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE. I’m talking about EVERYONE and their mamas and fathers and brothers, sisters, bffs, exbffs, exbfs, current bfs, future bfs and gfs will want to get together, catch up, hang out, chill, shoot the breeze, and any other phrase out there for socializing. Now I know you don’t understand what the problem is yet. And that’s okay I’ll break it down.

Those last few weeks of college are pure satanic. You are trying to balance packing, studying, final taking, job applications, grad school stuff, making last minute memories, partying, getting logistics together for everyone’s arrival into town for your Commencement ceremony, trying not to pull your hair out and other things. You and I both know this list goes on forever. But the only thing that does not make this list is sleeping and eating. Well at least eating something other than pizza, chips, soda and alcohol. So when you finally get home, the first thing you want to do is breathe and indulge in peace, quiet, sleep and pure utter laziness. That’s what you want. You want time to catch up on your TV shows and remember what the inside of your eyelids look like. I promise you, you will be exhausted and you need time to relax. After weeks if not months of being on the go your body craves time to be still and at rest. You owe this time to yourself. And you cannot achieve this if you are shooting the breeze with the entire world.

We all know that most people have trouble saying no. And even if you can say no to your bff from 7th grade you will feel bad about it. So if you do not update your status about your whereabouts you do not have to tell anyone no, I can’t hang out tonight. No, I’m not busy. I’m just tired from all this greatness I just achieved and I need some alone time to recover from the awesomeness of being me. I believe Kendrick Lamar says it best when he goes, “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe.” And right now your vibe is to be pretending you are in one of those Corona commercials on the beach by yourself with a nice beverage of your choice. Personally, I can’t get down with the Coronas; Cranberry and Vodka now that’s another story.

If you are dying and feel the need to hang out with some of your friends, do the following. Now I know this may sound like a foreign concept but pick up the phone and call them or shoot them a text. And tell them what a privilege it is to hang out with you during your Corona commercial beach break. This way you can get together with who you actually want to hang out with; without having to feel guilty about the list of people who say they want to see you when we all know you only want to spend time with 2% of those individuals. Of course this list includes that one friend who is really an acquaintance who thinks he’s a friend but you keep him around because he’s more than likely going places. Don’t judge me. We all have a few people we keep around for those reasons.

Spend some time with your favorite, most stylish, smartest, nicest person in the world. You. Then focus on everyone else. Trust me, your body and your friends will thank you for the Corona commercial beach break time. Lesson Learned.


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