Where did all this stuff come from: Packing

19 Jul

Where did all this stuff come from-Packing photo

One would think that over the past four years or so that the college student would have perfected the art of packing. After every year we pack up all of our stuff, the clothes, textbooks, notebooks, party supplies, and other random crap. Put it in boxes, take it home, move it to storage, etc. And then in three short months unpack it all again.

But if this relationship is going to work we’re going to need to be honest with one another. So here goes our first trust fall. Ready? Fall back, I’ll catch you. Despite the fact that I am rocking a fresh manicure, play date by Essie in case you wanted to know. You and I both know that we are no packing experts. We throw a bunch of stuff in tote bags and boxes and label everything with generic phrases like desk stuff, clothes or shit and more shit. We both know that some of us use old food boxes to pack our clothes. Don’t hate on the frugal students who go to Wally World in the middle of the night to get free boxes for their stuff. And I know some of you out there have tried to send your rental textbooks back in old Domino’s pizza boxes. This is a judge free zone. I understand, like I said before the struggle is real.

Every year we come back in August and go “what the hell was I thinking labeling every box random stuff” and “where the hell are my towels and body wash I want to take a shower and go to sleep.” Then we make a vow to do better next May and the cycle continues. However, the final semester shit really gets real because EVERYTHING must go. It’s like one of those: this store is closing for good and everything must go sales so everything is super cheap. I live for those moments; literally my heart beats for a good sale.

To help you get through the realness of shit, I have created a foolproof list of ways to make packing go as smooth as possible. This way you can check out of your dorm on Graduation day wearing a super chic outfit, with sunglasses of course, instead of being super sweaty from all the moving rocking your last clean pair of shorts.

1. Now if you have too much stuff like I did, I’m talking about enough stuff to probably fill 2-3 dorm rooms, start packing ASAP. Now I’m not talking about ASAP as in reading day. I’m talking about start taking things you won’t need anymore home over Fall and Thanksgiving breaks. If you really want a head start when you pack up in May at the end of your junior year send some of that stuff home for good. Over Winter break you should be taking a large portion of your stuff home. Send home those winter coats and all the scarves especially if you go to school in an area with warmer weather on the horizon. By the end of the year ideally you shouldn’t have too much to take home.

2. Throw some stuff away. You are on your way to being a college graduate. You do not need white erase boards to put on your door. You also do not need all your posters and party flyers. Get rid of the things that will most likely just sit in a box.

3. Stop labeling everything with non-descriptive words. Pack things away using a method. Like winter clothes, spring clothes, desk supplies, decorations, etc. See doesn’t that make more sense than London’s stuff 1 and London’s stuff 2?

4. This step is very important. Read carefully. Enlist a packing army. Now the most common mistake is getting family to help. Wrong! You’re family more than likely gets on your nerves. You’ve just spent the entire day with them and more than likely you are getting ready to embark on a long car ride home with them. You need people that love the uncensored version of you for this job. Get your underclassmen friends to help you. After eating lunch with my family my junior friends, Briana, Victoria, Jade and Rachel helped me pack up all my stuff. This way not only do you get the job done but you get to make a few last memories.

5. Make sure your family is aware of how much stuff you have so they can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that all of your things fit in the car. There is nothing worse than having to listen to siblings complain for eight hours about how they are squished because of your things.

If you follow this guide to a tee you should avoid all packing fiascoes. Lesson Learned.


2 Responses to “Where did all this stuff come from: Packing”

  1. Nancy July 19, 2013 at 3:30 am #

    I think you would’ve have a lot less stuff to worry about if you’d just let us decide what to keep and what to toss 😉 -Jade

    • Renae July 25, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

      I second that -Rachel

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