Hi Group, my name is London. And I’m a recent college graduate.

18 Jul

My name is London. Yes, just like the city, except I’m a person. On May 25th 2013 I put on a super fashionable yet timeless dress and black wedges that my friend Rachel and I picked out two days before. I put on my cap and gown as well as my cords and stoles irritated that I could not get the damn cords to stay in place. My roommates and I drove to the graduation site, parked the car and got in line. We processed in, took our seats, waited patiently through all of the speeches until it was our time. By waiting patiently I mean we were taking photos, texting and on Instagram. As they called my name I grabbed my diploma, shook hands with the president, got my hood, smiled for the photos, did my royal wave to my family and friends while walking back to my seat. As I sat down my first thought besides relief that my wedges did not get stuck in the muddy terrain was wow, this is the most expensive piece of paper I have ever seen in my life. All my blood, sweat, tears, and caffeine induced comas for a 9 by 7 inch piece of paper written in Latin. The only thing I could read was my name. Over $100,000 and I can’t even read the damn thing. At this moment I knew there were some things about this world that someone should have told me, a now college graduate, about life after the commencement ceremony.

This is my gift to you. If your undergraduate years are coming to a close learn from all my bumps in the road. Lesson number one, don’t graduate. It’s overrated. If you have already graduated you can share in my pain and know that you are not the only one living on the struggle bus. Personally, I prefer the struggle party bus. I feel it is a little bit classier but regardless of however you spin it the college grad struggle is real. Welcome to my confessions aka your free textbook to help you enter the big girl/big boy world. Your welcome.


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